Programme Assistant for Trade and Investment theme

Reporting to:

 IBON International Director and to the Programme Manager

Position purpose:

IBON International responds to international demand to provide support in research and education to peoples’ movements and grassroots empowerment and advocacy and links these to international initiatives and networks. IBON International initiates and implements international programmes, develops and hosts international networks, initiates and participates in international advocacy campaigns, and establishes regional and country offices where necessary and appropriate

As Programme Assistant, the staff shall provide assistance in all of the Programme Manager tasks requiring administrative support, i.e. logistics preparation for travels, meetings and conferences, filing of documents, drafting documentation of meetings and conferences, budget preparation, disbursement and liquidation, and other tasks as may be identified necessary by the Secretariat staff.

Key contacts:

 Travel agencies, international hotels, teleconference service providers, IBON  International Administrative and Finance Unit, etc.

Issue date and deadline

 Issued: Sept. 30, 2021

 Application deadline: Oct. 9, 2021

Location of work


Contract duration

 Oct. 1 to Dec 31, 2021


Key responsibilities

Key elements

% time

Logistics Preparation

·  Canvasses options for travel logistics, e.g. air and land transport fares and routes, and ensures prompt approval from the IBON Administrative and Finance Unit

·  Drafts travel advisories for approval of the Program Managers/Officers

·  Coordinates with IBON International Administration regarding publications and other materials for transport and ensures prompt and efficient delivery systems as needed in the regional and country level consultation

· Proposes best options for teleconference service

·  Organizes conference calls

·  Prepares documents and office supplies requirements for meetings and conferences

·  Provides support in the processing of required travel documents


Documentation and Information Management

·  Provides support to the Program Managers/ Staff in ensuring recording of meetings and conferences, and in preparing written documentation of meetings

·  Provides support to the Program Managers/ Staff in the collection of information and consolidation of data of the consultations

·  Organise and back-up records of meetings, documents produced, and administrative and financial files related in the performance of the tasks of the Program Manager/Officer in relation to the Program


Budget preparation, disbursement, and liquidation

·  Drafts detailed activity budgets in coordination with the IBON Financial Officer

·  Disburses in accordance to approved activity budget

·  Liquidates expended funds for noting of the Finance and Admin staff and approval of the IBON Financial Officer

·  Organises financial files in relation to the operations of the Program



·  Provides over-all support to the administrative requirements of the Program, including keeping track of the program calendar and schedules of the Program Manager/ Staff

·  Participates in the activities of the Program when needed


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