WEBINAR SERIES / Advocating for People-Centered Sustainability Amid and Beyond COVID-19 (17, 9 October)

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Register here (part 2 of the webinar series): https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_rPoFbTtoS_ae26dNQlA-WQ

“Advocating for People-Centered Sustainability Amid and Beyond COVID-19” is a webinar series co-organised with the Council for People’s Development and Governance (CPDG), Climate Change Network for Community-based Initiatives (CCNCI) and Samahan at Ugnayan ng Consumers para sa Ikauunlad ng Bayan (SUKI). The second part of the webinar series “Operationalizing Sustainable Consumption and Production” will be held on 17 October.

The webinar series aim to: 1) help participants understand the history, framework, and evolution of the current understanding of sustainable consumption and production (SCP), and its links with the current pandemic; 2) promote a pro-people framework and people-led actions towards sustainability; 3) develop advocacy messages from the basic sectors that can be forwarded in various national and international engagement spaces.

The webinar series will discuss the current unsustainable and unjust production and consumption system of the neoliberal global economy, and how its structural impacts on people and the planet were exacerbated and exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The series will also discuss the alternative of a People-Powered Sustainable Consumption and Production (PP-SCP), a theory and practice that goes beyond resource-efficiency, and aims to dismantle the profit-oriented extractivist neoliberal economy. PP-SCP ensures that people’s rights and sovereignty are protected and advanced in the whole production and consumption chain, supports and encourages social innovations and community actions, and holds corporations and governments accountable to their environmental and social commitments, and for their rights violations.

The first part of the webinar series “Understanding People-powered, Sustainable Consumption and Production” was held on 9 October. You can watch the record of the webinar here: https://web.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=370318397425811&ref=watch_permalink ###