Networks & Initiatives

IBON International thrives in working collaboratively with civil society organisations (CSOs) and other development actors through networks and partnerships. We view networking and partnership as a basic and consistent approach in our many areas of work.

Within each network or partnership, we consistently observe principles of democratic consensus, apply democratic systems of network animation, and strike a balance among various network interests that enhances mutual respect and common benefit.

We have the following hosted networks

We also work in partnership with the following

Asia-Pacific Research Network (APRN)

Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL)

People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS)

IBON Foundation

We are also part of the following platforms and networks

People Over Profit Network (POP)

International Migrants Alliance (IMA)

International Women’s Alliance (IWA)

People's Movement on Climate Change (PMCC)

International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines

International Campaign to Confront Crisis and War (RESIST)

International Fisherfolk and Fish Workers’ Coalition (IFWC)

Consumers International

World Association for Christian Communication (WACC)

Save Our Schools Network

Effective Institutions Platform (EIP)

International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS)

Apart from its regular programs, IBON International also pursues various initiatives in response to specific needs and advocacies. At present, we maintain the following initiatives:

IBON Institute for International Development

The IBON Institute for International Development (I3D) is the knowledge institute of IBON International. I3D synthesizes the organisation’s wide range of knowledge on social policy, economics, and development. I3D consolidates IBON’s knowledge framework in order for us to respond better to the knowledge needs of various development actors.


I3D products are in the form of published research studies and formal training materials on development issues. It also has an online bookshop ( to increase the accessibility of printed publications of IBON International and its hosted networks for other parts of the world.

Institute of Political Economy

The Institute of Political Economy (IPE) undertakes research and other support activities for policy formulation and the development of alternatives for political economy issues in the Philippines and the world. These include research, policy studies and fora on socioeconomic issues, among others.

Consortium for People’s Development - Disaster Response

The Consortium for People’s Development – Disaster Response (CPDDR) is a national, multi-stakeholder consortium of development and humanitarian organizations seeking to facilitate the development of comprehensive, community-based, relevant and people-oriented DRR initiatives and programs by bringing together organizations, facilitating dialogues, documenting responses and drawing lessons from DRR practices. It provides a platform for sharing of expertise, resources and experiences. It builds linkages and cooperation from the local to the global level.


It is composed of four non-government organisations: IBON International, Citizen’s  Disaster Response Center (CDRC), Working for Empowerment and Good Governance Institute, Inc.  (WeGovern Institute), and the Management Advancement Systems Association, Inc. (MASAI).


CPDDR envisions a society where the people, especially the majority and most vulnerable groups, are empowered and capacitated to enable them to develop comprehensive, grassroots- based, relevant and people-oriented DRR initiatives that would increase their resilience and address their vulnerabilities. CPDDR believes that: the people should be the prime movers of their own development; DRR initiatives should build on the people’s capabilities, potentials, and strengths; Poverty is the main source of people’s vulnerabilities; DRR should lead toward long-term development.