Breakout Session: Taking Action During the Pandemic and Rebuilding Momentum (April 23)

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April 23, 2021
14:30 London / 21:30 Manila
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The peoples of the global South are under siege by the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis. Peoples and communities battling flash floods in Bangladesh and Senegal, landslides in Nepal, toxic haze in Indonesia, supertyphoons in the Philippines, and extreme droughts in Kenya and Bolivia are further burdened with their countries’ failing health and social protection systems and the enduring inequalities made more pronounced by the pandemic. Governments are using the global pandemic to further violate human rights.
But people are rising and resisting for climate and social justice. Frontline community groups in the Global South have used a variety of campaigning tactics to resist governments and extractive corporations, often facing brutality from government forces. In Europe civil disobedience groups have been at the forefront of the regional climate movement, using occupations and blockades to resist governments and corporations.
This session is a reflection on the successes of resistance groups, from civil disobedience to frontline campaigning, and discusses how we take action to invoke change. What has worked, what has changed during the pandemic? What variety of tactics can we use in the coming year? Join us to learn about theories of change, climate action groups in the global South and North, and to hear about how social justice groups use direct action for change.
The session is part of the From the Ground Up II: Taking Action of the COP26 Coalition.