IBON/RoA country outreach meets with African CSOs

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Outreach Officer Myrna Maglahus of IBON and Reality of Aid (RoA) participated in a series of meetings and dialogues on aid and development effectiveness with civil society organisations (CSOs), governments and other stakeholders during two visits to Sub-Saharan Africa last July-August.
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During the consultations, Maglahus was able to gather endorsements for the “BetterAid CSO Key Asks” paper – a preparatory document for CSOs who intend to make their voices sufficiently heard in the upcoming Fourth High Level Forum (HLF4) on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, Korea this November.
Among the multi-stakeholder meetings and CSO consultations in Africa that the IBON/RoA officer attended or facilitated are the following
  1. Meeting on Aid and Development Effectiveness, 23-25 July 2011 at CEPAS, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  2. Benin National Consultation of CSOs and Multi-Stakeholders Dialogue (Government and Technical-Financial Partners) on the theme “From Aid Effectiveness to Development Effectiveness En Route to Busan”, 4-5 August 2011 at INFOSEC, Cotonou, Benin
  3. National Consultation Workshop on Nigerian CSO Aid and Development Effectiveness, 8-9 August 2011 at Niamey, Niger
  4. National Consultation of Togo CSOs and Multi-Stakeholders Dialogue (Government and TFP) on the theme “From Aid Effectiveness to Development Effectiveness”, 10-11 August 2011 at CASEF, Lome, Togo.
A complete report of the Africa consultations will be published on the RoA Country Outreach Team (CORT) Newsletter, which can be accessed at http://realityofaid.org/index.php/country-outreach/Newsletters.
The IBON/RoA country outreach programme for the broad implementation of the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) seeks to achieve greater and more meaningful involvement of CSOs in bringing change in aid effectiveness policy and practice. 
IBON International and RoA are the partner agencies of BetterAid in this programme.