Feeding the World: Fisherfolk Give Notice (September-October 2012)

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EDM (Vol. 11 No. 5)
This issue of the Education for Development Magazine (EDM) focuses on the world's lesser known dependence on small-scale fisherfolks and fish workers that feed the world unnoticed.
Small-scale fisherfolk: Feeding the world unnoticed
World’s Fisherfolk Unite in Global Coalition
Statement: Resist Corporate Capture of Fisheries, Build Sustainable Fisheries for the People
Groups from global South vow to campaign for people’s goals
Statement: Campaign for People’s Goals for Sustainable Development
Keynote: Rights for Sustainability Beyond Rio+20: Global Civil Society Workshop on the Rio+20 Outcomes and the Post-2015 Development Agenda
TPP Agreement spells disaster for Mexican agriculture
Philippines lags behind rest of Asia in agri growth
Asian peasant groups declare World Hunger Day
PCFS launches week of action on World Foodless Day
PCFS meets on aid to agri in Burundi
APRN marks World Food Day with book on food and climate
A Quilt of Collective Action for Food Sovereignty
PCFS bats for climate adaptation in Rome roundtable
ARWC honors 100 exceptional rural women
New report shows WB’s conditionalities weaken democratic ownership
New IBON International paper tackles WB Agenda for 21st Century
Confronting the looming food crisis: New FAO methods likely to alter global hunger data
JK Rowling’s clarion call for grassroots politics
Divided Waters: The state of Large and Small Scale Fisheries