IBON International is a service institution with an international character and scope of work.
We advocate social justice and social transformation through knowledge building, knowledge sharing, and by performing a broad range of related capacity development functions.
In our advocacy, we cooperate mainly with social movements and civil society constituencies in all regions of the world, especially in the global South and among marginalised groups.
We work with a broad range of CSOs, directly and through networks and partnerships, in building consensus on development issues. We help them bring this consensus to wider global arenas through engagement in international processes.


We envision a society and world of prosperity, democracy, and freedom from war and strife, inequality, bondage and oppression.


Our mission is to contribute to capacity development of people’s movements for human rights and democracy.


We aim, as our long-term goal, to contribute to building global mass movements of oppressed and marginalised peoples, to challenging neoliberal globalisation, war and all forms of oppression, and to advancing people’s individual and collective rights, democracy, social justice and equality, ecological sustainability and liberation.
In pursuance of this long-term goal, IBON International defines and pursues a set of strategic objectives from one planning period to the next.
On that basis, we continually reach out to people in all regions, seek and develop partnerships, advance our advocacies, and strengthen our own internal capacity.


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