Publications & Other Resources

IBON International regularly generates publications such as primers, policy papers and positions, and other information products as a major contribution to knowledge building and raising awareness on contemporary development issues, especially in major areas of IBON’s advocacy.

Our publications, and other information resources as well, are regularly posted here, either as files for readers to browse through or download directly or as embedded links to other sites where they are also available.

Sumitomo Group: Risking public interest for superprofit
1 148 downloads
TNC Watch March 12, 2020
Lockheed Martin: Locking Profit, Marauding Nations
1 58 downloads
TNC Watch April 18, 2020
The Boeing Company: Raking superprofit from perpetual wars
1 69 downloads
TNC Watch February 18, 2020
Chevron: A Corporation of Toxic Proportions
1 64 downloads
TNC Watch February 18, 2020
Golden opportunities for profits, corporate plunder for OceanaGold Corporation
1 53 downloads
TNC Watch February 18, 2020