IBON International continually heightens its efforts at building its institutional capacity through staff development.


Every year, we conduct a series of internal seminar-workshops, some of them mandatory for the entire staff and others designed for selected personnel. These seminar-workshops are focused on urgent staff needs, but thematically wide-ranging as well. They include, among others, institutional ethics and methods; basic concepts of social analysis; communications; network management; finance-related management and skills; and broad policy discussions.
Each member of the IBON International staff undertakes an annual average of 124 hours of focused and structured training sessions.


In the spirit of broad global solidarity, we implement internship and volunteer programs, and facilitate similar work arrangements both in our central and regional offices. 
Through these, highly motivated and competent individual advocates and activists can gain solid experience in working globally with a South-based NGO and understanding of its advocacies.

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