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28 Jan 2013
Africa Rising: Growth for Whom? (January-February 2013)

This issue of Education for Development Magazine (EDM) investigates the growth and development trends in the African region--separating fact from fiction and posing the question: development for whom?

23 Nov 2012
COP18: Gateway to more Climate Injustice (November-December 2012)
EDM (Vol. 11 No. 6)
Doha COP18: Gateway to more climate injustice
US and EU must show leadership and responsibility in climate talks
Key issues lost in ‘Loss and Damage’ talks
PCFS holds forum on W.
27 Oct 2012
IBON International: White Paper 2012

Established 68 years ago, the World Bank (WB) remains one of the world’s largest multilateral development finance institutions with 188 member countries. It has a vast personnel consisting of 9,000 employees and consultants spread around the globe in over 100 offices, and an aid portfolio of $57 billion in 2011.

30 Sep 2012
Feeding the World: Fisherfolk Give Notice (September-October 2012)

This issue of the Education for Development Magazine (EDM) focuses on the world's lesser known dependence on small-scale fisherfolks and fish workers that feed the world unnoticed.

30 Jul 2012
The Struggle for Agreement on Climate Change (July-August 2012)

In this issue of the Education for Development Magazine (EDM), we investigate the growing global concern on international climate talks that have long been stalled by powerful international economic blocs in order to prevent legally-binding carbon emissions caps.

30 May 2012
Debunking the hype about the 'Asian Century' (May-June 2012)

This issue of the Education for Development Magazine (EDM) presents a comprehensive debunking of the hype about the 'Asian Century.' In particular, this issue will demistify the 'Asian Century' portrayal that projects the orient as a rising economic power despite the increasing unrest, worsening poverty and uneven development patterns in the region.

30 Mar 2012
Rights for Sustainability (March-April 2012)

This issue of the Education for Development Magazine (EDM) brings you a closer look on the genuine solutions to the global ecological crisis from the perspective of the sustainable development framework.

10 Feb 2012

This report highlights IBON’s and its partners’ accomplishments in 2011 through programs and networks that it hosts. From around six people in 2005, its staff compliment including staff seconded in networks has grown to 36, with its turnover growing to the maximum projected for the medium term.

24 Jan 2012
Global Civil Society Workshop on the Rio+20

The "Global Civil Society Workshop on the Rio+20 Zero Draft and Rights for Sustainability" was held at the Church Center for the United Nations in New York City last January 24. The workshop was attended by more than 70 participants from various civil society organizations (CSOs) and social movements from around the world. It was organized by IBON International in cooperation with Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN), People's Coalition for Food Sovereignty (PCFS) and Centre for Environment and Development (CED) with the support of Diakonia - Asia Regional office, Both ENDS and the World Council of Churches (WCC).


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