Women Resisting Crisis and War book launch

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In celebration of the centenary of the International Toiling Women’s Day in 2010, the Asia-Pacific Research Network (APRN) initiated the ‘Women Resisting Crisis and War: a conference on the impacts and women’s responses to the economic and climate crisis and war’. The conference provided space to women, girls, and men from civil society organizations, including grassroots movements, academia, and other stakeholder to understand the synergistic impacts of war, climate change and neoliberal policies which have been forced on women; to deliberate and learn the various forms of resistance that women’s individual and collective efforts have put forward; and to learn and develop new learning and strategies for resisting and overcoming neoliberal and neo-colonial militaristic onslaught.
APRN has published the conference proceedings in book form, which will be launched in time for the International Women’s Day in March 8.