Cancun protestors demand to keep WB out of climate financing

FE Report
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People of Bangladesh along with other nations of the world protested in Cancun, Mexico last Thursday against the role of the developed countries and demanded to keep the World Bank (WB) out of climate financing.
The people under the banner of Jubilee South brought out a 
protest rally in the down town of Cancun and marched throughout the city road, which ended in front of a Wall Mart outlet.
The United Nations Climate Change Conference is taking place at Hotel Moon in Cancun, from November 29 to December 10.
The protestors accused that the World Bank is increasing the debt burden of the developing countries, so it should be kept out of climate financing.
Carrying different colourful banners and placards, the activists chanted slogan in Spanish and English against the World Bank. Among others, two Bangladeshi activists – Abdul Awal from SUPRO and Rezaul Karim Chowdhury from EquityBD – participated in the rally.
Rezaul Karim said they have condemned the recent effort of the developed countries in the negotiation process to bring the World Bank in the climate adaptation finance management.
The World Bank has no good track record in poverty alleviation in the developing countries, the activist mentioned.