Rights for Sustainability (March-April 2012)

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EDM March-April 2012
This issue of the Education for Development Magazine (EDM) brings you a closer look on the genuine solutions to the global ecological crisis from the perspective of the sustainable development framework.
Solving the ecological crisis through system change
IBON asserts water rights at "People, Planet & Water" meet
Water Justice campaigners debate water privatization
Don't 'scrub off' rights language from Rio+20–civil society, govt delegates
Environmentalists hail Baguio's 'ban' on SM's earth balling of trees
Japanese anti-nuke activists mark Fukushima's anniversary
Migrant groups hit Malaysia for crackdown on 'undocumented'
World takes notice as Quebec's student protesters march on
Rio+20 must address global economic governance
IBON warns vs diluting Rio+20 draft: "Don't delete our rights, don't bracket our futures!"
US Aquino gov't accused of hypocrisy over nukes
ASEAN people's voices in danger: An impossible road to a People-Centered ASEAN Community
End U.S. military presence in AsPac, women leaders from 63 countries say
A tricycle ride to Codrillera Day
Rights at Risk at the United Nations
Hope and the Hunger Games: youth fiction for the 99%