Debunking the hype about the ‘Asian Century’ (May-June 2012)

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EDM May-June 2012
This issue of the Education for Development Magazine (EDM) presents a comprehensive debunking of the hype about the 'Asian Century.' In particular, this issue will demistify the 'Asian Century' portrayal that projects the orient as a rising economic power despite the increasing unrest, worsening poverty and uneven development patterns in the region.
Debunking the Hype about the "Asian Century"
IBON Foundation Dismantles ADB Support of Water Privatization and Aquino's CCTs
BAYAN pickets ADB Meeting, APRN Calls for Genuine Development
CSOs Sidelined in ASEAN Human Rights Agenda
Thousands mark May Day across Asia
On Labor Day, workers take Aquino to task for pushing workers deeper into poverty
IFFM Highlights Devastating Impact of Land Grabs, Prompts UN Rapporteurs to Speak Out
The neglect of Nepal's indigenous people — facing poverty and food insecurity
Indignados take back square on movement's anniversary
Without Human Rights, Sustainable Development Will Fail
Rio+20: Voice from Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Rio+20: A Voice from Dhaka, Bangladesh
R4S delegats join the People's March at Rio+20, bring protest inside Rio Centro
R4S, other CSO activists hold 'duct tape' protest at Rio+20
APRN slams Green Economy at the Rio+20 Global Day of Action in Manila
Native peoples left out in the clod at Rio+20
Water Warriors reject corporate control of water at Cupula dos Povos