Africa Rising: Growth for Whom? (January-February 2013)

You are currently viewing Africa Rising: Growth for Whom? (January-February 2013)
EDM (Vol. 12 No. 1)
This issue of Education for Development Magazine (EDM) investigates the growth and development trends in the African region–separating fact from fiction and posing the question: development for whom? 
Africa's rise: Separating fact from fiction
The West's war continues vs African development
One Billion Rising: Moving en masse to end violence vs women
Liberian homes demolished as global leaders meet
NGOs call on EU to abolish its emissions trading system
UN water agenda at risk of hijacking by Big Business
IFFM urges halt to landgrab by tourism project in Sri Lanka
Execution, arrests underscore Somalia rapes
People’s Goals: Development challenges of our time
IBON International comments on the draft inequalities report
Growth for whom? Africa by the numbers