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The Campaign for People’s Goals for Sustainable Development (CPG) is a network of grassroots organisation, labor unions, social movements, non-governmental organisations and other institutions committed to engage in real reforms to address the demands of the poor and marginalised under ten major areas of concern. These are:

  1. Human Rights
  2. Poverty and inequality
  3. Food Sovereignty
  4. Full employment and decent work
  5. Universal social protection
  6. Gender justice
  7. Environmental sustainability
  8. New international trade, finance and monetary architecture
  9. Democracy and good governance
  10. Peace and security

CPG also serves to link the grassroots struggles of people’s organisations and social movements across the national boundaries, thematic sectors, and to connect these struggles from the local to the global arena.

IBON International collaborates with CPG in voicing out grassroots struggles to challenge leaders and officials to address the structural causes that drive the present social, economic and environmental crises.


Campaign for People’s Goals for Sustainable Development
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Philippines, 1103
Telephone : +632 9277060 loc 202
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