Forum-Workshop on Militarism and Democracy

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Forum-Workshop on Militarism and Democracy

Thursday 26th March, 15:00-18:00

World Social Forum Tunis | CPDE Tent

As the neoliberal monster writhes and heaves from its self-made crisis, it desperately tries to save itself by seeking to further expand markets through various means. Monopoly capitalists do not shy away from resorting to militarism and war to counter economic slowdown and stagnation. Events after the 9/11 plunged the world into a state of perpetual war. Yet, the people are not just passive victims. They continue to aspire for peace based on people's democracy as they assert their individual and collective rights, resist foreign occupation, and fight the structures of oppression.

This forum-workshop will:

  • Gather representatives of people's movements and advocates for a collective learning and analysis of the militarism and wars in Asia, their impacts and prospects;
  • Strenghten solidarity ties between anti-war and democracy movements and advocates from Asia.


War on Terror

Dr. Corinna Mullin | National Lawyers Guild

Militarization in the Arab Region

Mr. Ammar Djeffal | Arab NGO Network for Development

Occupation and Rights of Palestinian Minorities

Maisan Hamdan | Al Marsad

Militarization and War in Africa

Demba Moussa Dembele | Africa Peoples Research Network/International League of People's Struggles

US Pivot to Asia

Marjorie Pamintuan | Asia Pacific Research Network


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