Climate, Militarism & Wars (People's Climate Summit)

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6 November | 2:30 – 4:30 pm (UTC+1:00)
People’s Climate Summit (in Bonn, Germany)
Wissenschaftszentrum (WiZe) room 152

by IBON International and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)

International climate diplomacy has evaded how systemic and structural issues are interlinked, and neither have these recognized how resource extraction breeds tensions, fuels conflicts and are facilitated by and have led to increased militarism and wars. Military interventionism and wars of aggression operate in the guise of the “war on terrorism”, but are actually wars to grab fossil fuel and other natural resources, as well as trade routes in these conflict regions. This workshop seeks to highlight these links and provide a space for strategic movement building.

Tetet Lauron (IBON International)
Andrea Torres (Tierra Digna, Colombia)
David Sauvage (CARES, Mauritius) –
Atama Katama (Dayak Forum, Borneo)
Ruth Nyambura (Kenya)

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