People's Forum: 20 Years of WTO is Enough!

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20 years of WTO have been 20 years of opening up the world to transnational corporate plunder and the languishing of billions of people in poverty, landlessness, unemployment, precariousness, and environmental catastrophes. The 10th WTO Ministerial in Nairobi is set to perpetuate the same neoliberal free trade agenda, and more! Corporations and governments are pushing for new rules to strengthen corporate control and reverse the hard-won rights fought for by people through their collective action.
People’s organizations, social movements and civil society from different parts of the world are invited to join a forum on the 20 years of WTO and the threats posed by new and ever expanding free trade and investment agreements. A people’s procession will follow afterwards.
People’s Forum:
Professional Centre, Nairobi
December 15, 2015 (9:00 – 13:30)
People’s Procession:
Professional Centre to KICC
December 15, 2015 (14:00 – 16:00)