Launch of new book on People’s Rights and People’s Sovereignty

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The global situation today is marked by political instability, systemic poverty, unsustainable development, and environmental crises – all of which lead to increasingly inhumane conditions for the poor and marginalized. Such a situation makes the affirmation of peoples' rights all the more urgent.

The concept of people’s rights acknowledges the individual and collective rights in existing rights conventions, but takes this further by recognizing that the people must first claim and assert their rights, thereby exerting a collective struggle, before these rights can be upheld in the world today.

IBON International will be launching a book titled, Asserting and Defending People’s Rights, Exercising People’s Sovereignty. Compiling experiences of people’s organizations in the Philippines in claiming and defending rights in their communities, this book serves as testament to the necessity of continuing the struggle for our rights.

When:  March 30th, 2017, 3:30 p.m. (As part of the workshop on Human Rights and People's Empowerment by IBON International and the CPDE Youth Constituency)
Where:  Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Mr. Antonio Tujan Jr., IBON International Director, will introduce the book.
The Workshop on Human Rights and People’s Empowerment is part of Breaking Ground and Taking Root: The Istanbul Principles @ 7.