CSOs appeal for robust climate action goals in post-2015 agenda

180 signatories from global North and South send letter to OWG on SDGs
Full Text:
Nearly 180 civil society organizations (CSO) worldwide appealed recently to a United Nations working group to ensure that climate change action be strongly represented among the goals and targets of the post-2015 development framework, also referred to as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), now being discussed among UN bodies and processes.
In an open letter dated June 12, 2014 and addressed to the members of the Open Working Group (OWG) on SDGs, the signatory CSOs that are mostly based in countries of the global South but also including a number of international or North-based non-government organizations (NGOs) appealed for increased efforts to ensure that the post-2015 framework “contain a coherent set of goals and targets” which: 
  1. help achieve poverty eradication and sustainable development;
  2. promote human rights and build community resilience through adaptation to the harmful impacts of climate change; and
  3. contribute to a global low-carbon development pathway and to keeping global warming below dangerous levels through significant emissions reductions.
The full text of the open letter, to which IBON International is a signatory, is available for download on this site as a PDF file.