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20 Nov 2019
Old shackles, rising new masters? On Southern debt today

Trends and continuing legacies of unsustainable debts in the global South prevail, amid continuing people's concerns on its impacts on economic rights.

26 Mar 2014
IMF’s Debt Restructuring Follies
IBON International has released a new policy brief, “IMF’s Debt  Restructuring Follies,” which analyzes the policy failures and blunders of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in holding on to its market-based approach to settling sovereign debt.
30 Aug 2011
Resist Newsletter August 2011
RESIST Newsletter August 2011 is out, with updates on the debt crisis in the US, a critique of the Euro Pact, a feature article on the M15 Movement in Spain and scanning of people's struggles around the world.
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