Inang Bayan Global Day of Action for Kidapawan edition

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The International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP) released their new edition of “Inang Bayan” which highlights the Global Day of Action for the thousands of farmers and peasants who were brutally dispersed and fired at by police forces in Kidapawan, North Cotabato during a legitimate protest action for food relief.

The Global Day of Action was held last April 8 and it gained immediate and widespread support from various sectors, regions and countries. Among the first to denounce the violence and the Philippine government's culpability are Filipino communities abroad — from Asia, North America, and Europe. Social media was abuzz with protests and on-line petitions demanding justice and support for the affected communities. Hundreds of organizations from around the world also expressed their solidarity with the farmers and their families.

As the arrests, trumped-up charges and harassments continue against the peasant farmers and in the face of various abuses of the Filipino people's rights, another gathering will be held this July to continue the campaign for land, food and justice for the people. The gathering, entitled “International Conference on Peoples’ Rights” (ICPRP) will be held in Davao City where hundreds of organizations are expected to participate and to step forward against US imperialism, militarism, and to fight for people’s rights.

A copy of the Inang Bayan can be downloaded below: