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Thousands have already signed in agreement with the call from Pacific Islanders, which demands action on climate change from the world’s leaders. Every voice counts – every individual signing the petition now.

Unfortunately climate change is happening right now, and it is affecting the world’s most vulnerable with the most devastating consequences. In the Pacific, Australia’s neighbourhood, rising oceans are poisoning agricultural land, washing away homes, and forcing people to abandon islands that their people have lived on for thousands of years.

Despite this, the Australian Government has refused to add climate change as an urgent agenda item for the G20 meeting in Brisbane in November this year.

By signing the Oceans of Justice petition you will be taking action on climate change and food security and speaking up with the most vulnerable people, including those facing rising waters in the Pacific Ocean.

The Anglican Alliance stands with local churches across the globe – churches and communities who want their voices to be heard by world leaders so that governments make decisions to stop climate change and respond to the impact. In partnership with Anglican churches in the Pacific, Anglican Board of Mission and Anglican Overseas Aid in Australia, the Alliance is petitioning the leaders of the 20 richest nations to make sure climate change is on the agenda when they meet at the G20 Summit.

The Alliance is adding our voices to the call of the wider civil society group (C20) that petitioned the Australian Government to ensure that climate change is part of the G20 agenda. You can see the final communiqué from the C20 here.
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